If you would like to treat friends, family or colleagues in your home, I will take care of all the food arrangements for sit-down dinners, cocktail parties and the like.

For larger gatherings requiring additional servers and/or bartenders, I work with a team of people who know their trade well and will be a great addition to any event.

As for the menu, sky is the limit. We can plan something relatively simple and budget-friendly, go all out with a decadent array of dishes, or do anything in between. The price range is between $25 and $70 per person, depending on nothing else but the menu we select together. This covers both my service and the cost of food.

Is it just the two of you? I will plan, shop for and cook a special dinner for two. No servers or cleanup here. I will make the food, set up the table and disappear. No one will ever know you had help. Wine pairing is possible, the cost of wine, plus 10%, will be added to the bill.