I love food, everything that has to do with it, from a seed in the garden to the most elaborate dish on a tasting menu.  Gardening and cooking were the obvious hobby choices, and while pursuing them, I discovered that my real calling is cooking for people. Carefully selecting ingredients, spending hours experimenting in the kitchen, planning menus, serving a meal that would bring together all kinds of people –  in 2005, it inspired me to start LIFE 2 ORDER.

Here’s what I have to offer.

PERSONAL CHEF service, providing you and your family with healthful and delicious meals on a regular basis. The service includes everything from menu planning through delivery.

CATERING is available for a variety of private and corporate events. We can put together a formal or casual dinner, a cocktails party, business lunch etc. I work with a team of professional servers and bartenders and together, we will take care of everything, from planning through meal service and clean-up.

JARRING BOTANICALS – creative spice, herb and fruit mixes for making your own cocktail infusions. Fun is just as important as work.

LIFE 2 ORDER started small but over the years many one-time clients became regulars. And some of the regulars became friends. Thank you for inspiring me – I couldn’t have done this without you!