on some things orange

the sweetness of butternut squash. rice tinted with saffron and antonio gaudi’s barcelona. the walls of my living room. flower stickers on the car and my daughter’s smile. smiles don’t come in colors but hers does. chickens – they can be orange – and eggs that come out so very warm. the multitude of flavors of a spice bazaar. so may different hues, so many moods. autumn, both the leaves and the sun: the year’s last attempt at comfort. a ray of light in a glass of bourbon. even day lilies, the most common ones.

have you noticed that our lives’ stages come in different colors? pastels early on, fluorescent hues and blacks when coming of age, neutrals when trying to fit in? then we start making more definite color choices. how do we decide on what to call our colors? are those there to stay or do they come and go with seasons, moods, etc.?

i am not sure of the answers but i know that i like orange. it makes me happy.